Does any station need this repeater at this time for emergency or priority traffic? If so, please call now.

This is ALPHA KILO FOUR ECHO YANKEE –AK4EY , Net Control Operator calling the Launch Information Service and Amateur Television System Net (LISATS for short).

LISATS meets every Monday night at 1900 hours on this 146.94MHz K4GCC/LISATS repeater and on K4ATV 439.25/427.25MHz Amateur Television repeater.

The purpose of LISATS is the furthering of Amateur TV, Space Science education, providing launch information to radio amateurs, and sponsoring the LISATS amateur television repeater, K4ATV.

The K4ATV amateur television repeater has an input video frequency of 439.25 MHz and output video frequency at 427.25MHz, and is located on Broadcast Court just east of Clearlake Road in Cocoa, Florida. Reception is possible with a cable-ready TV Set tuned to cable channel 58 but with a 70CM band antenna connected to the cable input.

Stations checking in please advise if you have any special video to transmit or traffic for the net.

We will now take check-ins alphabetically by the first letter of your call suffix, for example, the A in K4ATV. Please use a phonetic alphabet when identifying your call sign.

Stations Alpha through Hotel, call now.
Stations India through Mike, call now.
Stations November through Zulu, call now.
Any late check-ins, Alpha through Zulu. Call now.

Provide news and info to net.

Call stations in order of check-in for comments or video transmissions.

Announce “If nothing else for the net we will call it secured at ___________hours.

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