The Launch Information and Television Services (LISATS) Amateur Radio Club is a self-funded 501(C) corporation registered in the State of Florida. The club members are owners/operators of two (2) HAM Band radio repeaters, one VHF Repeater and one UHF Repeater. The VHF FM voice repeater is an “open” repeater for use by the Club members and any other HAM radio operator in the area. The UHF repeater is specifically for the use of transmitting real time and recorded audio/video to local area HAMS equipped with the appropriate demodulating and television viewing equipment.

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The mission is to provide the viewing public and listening HAM radio operators both within those assembled crowds and HAM radio operations within the coverage area of the VHF voice repeater with real time video coverage

Phillip N blaha


Although not an official source of NASA information, the Launch Information Service and Amateur Television System (LISATS) retransmits both NASA audio, Commercial Launch audio and video signals (future) for launches.