MID 1980s. John Anderson (SK), K4GCC, establishes a VHF Repeater at his house in Merritt Island, Fl with a dedicated commercial telephone (TELCO) line to the Launch Control Center (LCC) at NASA on Cape Canaveral in Central Merritt Island. This telephone line allowed the K4GCC repeater to re-transmit to interested HAMs NASA’s (and other commercial company’s rocket) count down and launch coverage.

1990. The Launch Information and Television Services club is formed as a 501(C) corporation in the State of Florida. The club formally recognizes John Anderson (SK) by using his call sign as the club’s premier VHF FM Voice Repeater (K4GCC).

2001 to Today. Beginning with Shuttle Endeavour’s (STS-100) mission on April 19th, 2001, LISATS’ began a tradition of club members attending Shuttle Launches and providing their fellow launch viewers with audio-visual (VHF Voice/UHF TV) services to enhance their launch viewing experiences.


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